Friday, June 27, 2008

Caden got his first two bottom teeth! At 4 1/2 months! This is what his casts looked like before he started kicking them off. Now he has a cast up over his knee, poor guy!
Kyler and grandpa getting ready to go for a ride!
So cute! My dad rides his motorcycle to work now that it is summer, he could hardly wait for winter to be over!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day at the Zoo!

This is our second trip to the zoo this year! It is so much fun to get out and Kyler loves all the animals. I hear him talk about the lions and monkeys for days after we go! Here he is in pelican Island. Caden is so good when we go to the zoo, I think he just likes to get out too! In this picture he has a stocking over his cast, but as you can see it goes up over his knee now because he keeps kicking the little casts off and therefore were not helping to straighten out his foot!
Kyler loved the baby turtles, the mama turtle was huge! Her shell would have come up to my waist!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kunde Family Reuion at Bear Lake

We spent last weekend in Bear Lake for a family reuion and had a wonderful time! We played volleyball for a couple of hours one morning and all ended up with alittle bit of a sun burn. No one thought about sun screen because it was nice a cool still. Justin is in the red shirt setting the ball, he has got some skills!

Grandma Kunde on a four wheeler riding down to the volleyball games! What a wild women!
While the men went out shooting each other with paint balls, us women and children went minature golfing. On the first shot kyler hit it full out and shot the ball into a crowd of people. After that we had to teach him how to "hit softly!" He is actually very good at it, he might have a career in pro golf.
We jumped for hours on a giant air pillow. I think the adults had more fun than the kids!

Catching up

We are finally setteling down from having a new baby and moving! Let me tell you its alot of work. Justin has been back to McCall every week since we have moved, trying to get his jobs completed. I have been back twice to finish up our house. I'm glad we are almost done over there.
Caden is growing up fast, he likes to suck his thumb, and play with toys now. He talks and smiles alot and is just a joy! He has a cast on his left foot right now because his foot was turned in when he was born. It was a challenge at first and he would cry alot, but now he seems very used to it, and has one more month in it.

Justin is very good with Caden. He gets him smiling and laughing all the time! He gets very worn out because he has been working so hard. Here they are taking a nap together- so cute!

Kyler loves living back in Idaho Falls because he loves being closer too all his family!

Taking after daddy!

Caden's Baby Blessing