Saturday, November 1, 2008


Kyler was so excited to be spider man this year. He wore his costume almost every day for two weeks. He is showing off his big muscles! Caden was such a cute little pumpkin. His hair made such a cute little stem.

We went to the Green belt in Idaho Falls by the temple this last week to feed the ducks. I always thought it was fun when I was little. We wanted to take advantage of the last nice week of the year.

It was my turn to teach Kyler's Joy school this last week. It was fun for him but I was pretty tired by the end of the week. We made fun little spiders and leaned the letter S. I was also in charge of the Halloween Party. We made ghosts and flew them outside, They also wore their costumes.

We went to a football game in Shelly to watch Jana's dance team perform at half time. (Justin's sister) It was a really good game so it was fun to watch. It was kinda cold so we wrapped Caden up in a big fuzzy blanket. He fell right to sleep even though there were die hard parents yelling at the refs right next to us. Note to self "doen't become one of those kind of parents at a game" I don't think they realize how silly they are.