Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Brother Kyler

Kyler loves being a big brother and just adores Caden. This picture also shows how much hair Caden has, I'm just hoping it doesn't all fall out!


The snow is really starting to pile up! We have some pretty big snow piles from plowing our driveway, and they are perfect for Kyler and "Justin" to go sledding on.

Friday, January 25, 2008

He's Here!

We finally had our little boy! He was born on Monday January 21st at 11:29 pm. I don't know if you would really call him one day early because he was only 31 minutes away from being born on his due date. We named him Caden Lynden Kunde. He ended up being a lot bigger than we thought he was going to be. He was 8lbs. 9oz. and 21 inches long. Kyler adores him already. He is always giving Caden kisses on the head and is very concerned when he cries- which thankfully hasn't been very much. Caden's internal clock is off though, he sleeps all day and just sits and watches you at night.

The first time Kyler saw Caden he didn't want to get too close and wasn't quite sure what to think of him, but that didn't last long.
Justin's very happy to have two little boys!!
Just about to go home from the Hospital
Caden loves his vibrating seat!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Only 12 Days left! -hopefully! By this point I'm pretty tired of being pregnant. I don't think I am as big as I was with Kyler, so maybe this one will be a smaller baby. The bad thing about it being so close is we don't have a name yet! Choosing a name has been so much harder this time, Kyler's came without any question!

I towel dried Kyler's hair after his bath and it stuck straight up! He noticed it and actually liked it.

We had a great Christmas and drive home until we drove into our drive way at 12:30 AM. It had snowed so much while we were gone, but we thought, we have four weel drive and we'll just run over it acouple times to pack it down and worry about plowing tomorrow. Justin tried backing the Jeep back out, which had a trailer with a snowmachine on it, but the trailer was sucked into the snow and pulled the Jeep in with it. So in the mean time I'm pulling the truck out of the garage to pull the jeep out and get it stuck in the snow as well. So there we were in the middle of the night when most are sleeping with two cars stuck in a ton of snow! We'll just say Justin shoveled alot of snow, and I was sitting in the car not feeling so good because I was really tired and hungry. He eventually got his truck out and tried pulling me out several times from many different angles, getting even more stuck. Finally at 2:00 AM we had both cars back on the road not daring to drive back in the drive way again. We ended up cracking something in my jeep and lost all the windshield washer fluid in the snow. And on the way back home we discovered we had lost Kyler's old car seat on the highway. He got him a new booster style car seat for Christmas, so his older one was strapped to the trailer in a heavy duty garbage bag. The odd thing is everything around and even in it was still intact. We have no idea what happened to it! So any way that was our drive home from Christmas break!