Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snow X Snowmobile Expo

Kyler's Pure Joy
Caden's Pure Joy

Justin Pure Joy!!

West Yellowstone

Since January we have spent four of our weekends in West Yellowstone snomachining. We love going up there, it is just time to relax and forget about any of our worries. We stopped on the trail and the trees looked so neat I had to get a picture. Justin sank down into the snow so for once I was taller.

Justin has gotten pretty good at side hilling, Unfortunatly, its hard to get a picture because he gets up there so far you can't tell him apart from a tree.

Caden is walking with his walker now. He is practicing in the miles and miles of hallway at the condo.

Kyler Chillin at the pool.

Caden in the 1 foot kiddie pool.

Look at what I found in the kitchen cupboard!

Kyler loves riding with his daddy.

But Caden can't go yet even though he really really wants to!