Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lava Hot Springs

Caden all covered in spots!

This last week we discovered that Caden is allergic to antibiotics! He was on one and started breaking out then he was put on another antibiotic and he broke out even worse! This is what he looked like in the morning when he woke up!!

What a difference in mood in these pictures! He decided he was done smiling for the camera.

We were all not feeling good this last week. Justin, Caden and Kyler had sinus colds, then Caden got it in his eye then his ears. By that point enough is enough! Then I got it in the form of a migrane for 5 whole days. I truley have sympathy for those who suffer with head aches now!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kunde Family Reunion

We had our Kunde family reunion Memorial Day Weekend in Wolf creek Utah. It had an amazing outdoor pool which made it feel like it was officially Summer.This pool had a fun slide, but Kyler was not so sure he wanted to go down it.

He had to check it out from the top and from the bottom.
We tried to play tennis but the kids wanted to have fun too. Kyler was actually pretty good at playing for a four year old.

Olsen Family Reunion at BirchCreek

We went to the Olsen Reunion the weekend the end of May up to Birch Creek. It was fun to see all the family we don't see enough at to pretend to rough it out door for a couple of days. We rode for wheelers and fished, at great food and fished some more!

This was the first time we have taken Caden camping and we had an adventurous first night. He kept waking up until about 1am then from 1 to 4 am he just kept crying. I tried everything to calm him down and settle to sleep. I do have to admit it was pretty cold and I think he didn't like having a cold face. So at 4am Justin and I took off for a ride in the truck to help him fall asleep and ended up spending the rest of the night sleeping in the truck. Kyler was lucky and got to sleep in the camp trailer where it was toasty and warm.

Part of the gang fishing!
Kyler loves to fish!! If anyone was fishing he was right there with them. He fished all day long everyday.

Justin, Jason and Kyler fishing!
Kyler and Chase fishing!

With all the fish that were caught, we actually didn't eat any fish. We had some great camping food. Lynden cooked some great home grown Roscoe beef Steaks which was some of the best steak I have had in along time!!

Kyler and Joe with a fish

Kyler's first fish that weekend

Me and Caden pretending to fish. All he wanted to do was hold the pole and bob it up and down.

Joy school Graduation

I can not believe how fast Kyler is growing up!! He was so excited for Joy school every week this last year and graduated the middle of May. He was sad once he realized that he was going to be going to preschool for awhile. But I reassured him it was only for a couple of months then he will get to start back up again in a big preschool

At the Zoo

Kyler and his class mates

Kyler and Kaylee

You can't really see the monkey in the picture but it was right up to the glass looking at Kyler.

Caden thought these turtles were so cool. I could not believe they were out in the open for one or that they were up close to us. They are usually never out when we have been there.

For some reason this picture didn't come out clear but I just wanted to show the height difference. I forget how big Kyler is until he is around kids his own age. The girl in the green is actually over a year older than Kyler and his friend Austin who is in red has the exact same birthday as Kyler. Crazy huh!