Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6 Years!!! Catching up on my posts!

We Celebrated our 6th year Anniversary on July 11th!! Time goes by so fast!!

We got to stay in an amazing place here in Idaho Falls called Destinations Inn. I highly recommend it to everyone! Our room theme was Venice, if you can't tell. Its hard to tell in the picture but the boat/tub is actually sitting in a pond and you have to walk across a little bridge to get there!

Summer fun!

We went golfing a couple of times and Caden was so fascinated with the whole game. I'm sure he was thinking his odd of hitting at least one ball were good.
Kyler with his "Happy Gilmore Swing"

Like father like son!

Playing in a canoe at Grandpa and Grandma Hulse's house.

Kyler and Caden sporting some of their daddy's hats!

I think Kyler had more soap on him than my car!!

4th of July Weekend! - catching up post!

Over the 4th of July we spent half our weekend at my parents house in Mud Lake and the other part up at Meadow Lake just up the mountain from the Ghost town of Gilmore in Idaho. We had an absolute blast! Literally some of the fireworks sounded like a blast!

Kyler on the 4 wheeler with Grandpa Kunde at Meadow Lake.

Justin and Caden, and Grandpa Hulse just getting back from a 4 wheeler ride.

This camp ground is so quiet and beautiful pictures don't even do it justice. Yes that is SNOW! The lake's elevation is about 9000 ft.

This mountain is so tall you literally have to look up to see the top!

My brother Dan and I climbed up to a big rock, it was a rough trail but lots of fun!
Dan and Caden

The four of us attempting a canoe ride!!

Kyler and his fishing buddy Chase, seen in previous posts!
Sunset from you parents back yard which was absolutely gorgeous!
Kizzy and Kyler roasting Marshmallows.
Firework time!

In these two group picture you will notice a lot of us had a hard time keeping our eyes open when the camera flashed. We tried several times and had to give up trying because some people were starting to see spots!

Tess jumping on the trampoline, but look who is in the background!